No One Cares About Your Staff Page.

Seriously. Too many companies put too heavy of a focus on the staff page of their website.  I’m not saying that a staff page is a completely useless and bad thing.  They do serve a purpose and can be helpful for a lot of reasons.  There are theories out there about people liking to see smiling faces– to connect with the world around them and know who they are dealing with.

Doctors offices & other healthcare professions and smaller companies all tend to see the most benefit from a staff page because it is a smaller group to understand and conceptualize how they work and interact.  Bands typically have a modified staff page or “bio” section because people want the connection to the band.  For these, they are warranted.

The problem comes in when you spend more time worrying about who is on your staff page and making sure they all have photos that look the same/similar than you do on your more critical targets, like sales and lead conversion.  If you update your staff page photos more often than the content of your site, you’re probably spending too much time.  Sure, you want it to be accurate and not show people who have moved on or been let go, but updating it whenever Sally gets her hair cut or your service team gets new polos is missing the point.

You need to make sure the focus still on your purpose, whatever that is.